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My greatest discovery in life is simply this:  If you want the saltiest, best-tasting potato chips, eat them from the bottom of the bag.  You heard me.  Next time you bring home potato chips for your family (Who am I kidding? They're for me, and me alone.) blow their minds by flipping the bag upside down and opening from the bottom, which is now the top.

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What you'll find is the saltiest, tastiest full size chip you ever ate.  And the reason is obvious--once they are packaged, they spend the rest of their lives upright, the shipping and display process gently jostles the salt to the bottom.  Previously, that's where the delicious crumbs and salt stayed, until you raise the bag to your face at the end.  But why not have that FIRST?

And, if you're one of those weirdos who don't eat an entire bag of chips in one sitting, just think of how, as you continue to eat this upside down but so right bag, the salt will gently travel down to the level you are consuming...

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