They say your true colors come out during a crisis.  I've always known I have great friends...but here are a couple stand outs that I am proud to know.

Andy Andresen was the engineer at our radio cluster for over a couple decades.  He is currently retired and using his love of using his hands to build face masks for hospital workers.

Debbie Wiersema is a family friend who's giving knows no bounds. Always willing to lend a hand to me & my family.  She owns D&M Embroidery in Fulton and now she's now sewing facemasks for hospital workers.

The community & the nation comes together in times like these.  And I am proud to call these people friends!

Andy is looking for people with 3D Printers to help lend a hand.  Debbie is accepting money &/or elastic for the work she's doing.

Reach out to them or contact and I'll put you in touch with these amazing people.

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