I hope that if I ever find a live animal in my food, I can react like this woman did, and not how I'm pretty sure I'd react: Running out of the house screaming like a six-year-old girl.

37-year-old Becky Garfinkel from Corona, California recently bought some bagged salad from Target. As she was eating some of it, she saw the lettuce moving, and she realized a tiny live frog was on her plate.

She picked up the frog and realized it was in bad shape from being trapped in the bag. So she rinsed off the dressing on it and her husband gave it little chest compressions with one finger to help it start breathing normally again.

After the frog recovered, they decided to keep it as a pet.

Target says they're working with the manufacturer to figure out how the frog got in there. So far they've very generously offered Becky a $5 gift card as compensation.

Read more at Los Angeles Times.

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