2020 still has a little bit left in the tank.

At least this latest setback isn't capable of literally ruining our lives, nor is it highly contagious. But dammit, when does it stop?

As if 2020 isn't frustrating enough, I'm here to deliver more bad news but please don't shoot the messenger—especially if you're a big fan of Christmas. According to SouthernThing.com, those little Christmas tree cakes from Little Debbie are going to be delayed.

Please don't throw tomatoes at your screen, because I do have some better news: the delay will only be about a few more weeks. Normally, the cakes would already be popping up on the snack aisles, but according to a representative for the company, the Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes should start appearing during the first week of November.

This is where I need you to dig deep. This is where I need you to be strong. If we've made it this far through 2020, a few more weeks without these holiday treats should be a... cake walk.

That's enough for me. I'll see myself out.

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