People love to live the bacon fat lifestyle, where they save the grease from any time bacon is cooked, to be reused on a rainy day to fry something up with a little extra flavor.

According to Claire from LifeHacker, popping your popcorn in bacon grease instead of oil. She says the life changing hack came about when she had recently moved, and couldn't find her bottles of oil still packed away, but she had carefully transported her bacon grease, and decided it'd do the job.

Claire says the bacon fat popcorn is crispy and crunchy, but unlike other popcorn, the bacon fat adds a salty and meaty flavor. She says it's even better when it cools, and the bacon flavor really comes through.

Her recipe is simple, pour too much bacon grease into the pan (until when melted it comes to the curvature of the pot), and then add popcorn until the grease barely covers the top of the seeds, then cover and let it sit on medium-high heat until the popping stops to a few seconds between pops.

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