Do you ever make goals for a new year?  The past few years I've had more of a yearly mantra.  A couple years ago it was "Talk Nicer" and tried to get my kids to follow suit which I believe worked.  Last year was "Get Better".  The idea was not to do it perfectly...but to just improve. Whether it be health & wellness, guitar, relationships or anything.  I believe it was helpful.

My new year sentence, mantra or thought was "Do It Anyway".  Follow through even though you're not sure how to do it or even though your scared.  And looking back I was forced to follow this mindset even though it wasn't a conscious thing.

Robyn Schall is a comedian who's gone viral with a video of her 2020 goals.  WAY back in December of 2019 the world was a TOTALLY different place.  So, really this list wasn't too far fetched.  She wasn't really pushing herself to do anything extraordinary.  But 2020 basically took that list and put a match to it.  There was no way for her to accomplish any of it.

On her list for 2020:

Make more money.  Turns out she's been unemployed since March

Travel more.  This one obviously has been an issue.

Be more social.  Kinda hard when you can't actually see anyone.

Cry less.  For some reason it's been hard to keep it together.

And the final one on the list was "spend more time with grandma."

Which is hilarious...but heartbreaking too because her grandma died this year.

(It was posted November 13th on the RobynSchallComic Instagram page.)

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