I think we can all agree that there is no way most fast food restaurants are using real chicken in their chicken nuggets, but this is just ridiculous.

KFC is taking a step into the future while taking a step away from natural sources for their meats, testing a new line of chicken nuggets this fall that will be 3D printed.

The company is pairing up with 3D Bioprinting Solutions to create a new nugget made from a printer and chicken cells.

KFC expects the production method of bioprinting to be more "environmentally friendly" than the normal production.

Only Russia will be test piloting the new venture, so hopefully they keep that crap over there.

Raisa Polyakova, CEO of KFC Russia said in a press release, "Crafted meat products are the next step in the development of our 'restaurant of the future' concept. Our experiment in testing 3D bioprinting technology to create chicken products can also help address several looming global problems. We are glad to contribute to its development and are working to make it available to thousands of people in Russia and, if possible, around the world."

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