If you don't want your kids playing video games all summer, here are some apps and tips that can help.

Screen Time

Download here.

  • Assign daily minute allowances for each child. Allowances can be set to repeat each day or accumulate based on your preference.
  • Empower children to earn screen minutes by doing chores and displaying good behavior.
  • Encourage your kids to give up those minutes (with a kid-friendly screen) for other activities and rewards. Kids learn valuable skills by saving minutes for delayed gratification.
  • Customize and have fun!!! Add, change, or remove tasks and rewards to fit yours and your kids' needs.

Parental TimeLock

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  • Finally a time limits application that actually WORKS!
  • Now you can EFFECTIVELY manage your child's daily usage. No gimmicks, the app just works!
  • The timer will reset automatically each day at which time the device is enabled again, so you can finally have a handsfree way of managing your child's usage.
  • 10 seconds before time has expired, the user will get an alert that time is about to expire, so they can finish up gracefully before the device is disabled.

Kaboom App Timer

Download here

  • Time yourself or your kids with the “Kaboom App Timer”. Simply, turn this app ON before you run any other app.This app runs in the background and prevents the user from using the device once the set "PLAY" time is over.Further, it keeps the user away for the "REST" time.

We found this article from coolmomtech.com that has some good tips for managing screen time.

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  1. Location, location, location:
    One of the most important tips is to keep the computer (or other screen) in a central area where you can keep your eyes on what your kids are doing.
  2. Check if the content is age appropriate:
    Well this sounds obvious, right? There are plenty of websites and games out there geared towards your children, but whether or not they’re appropriate is another issue.
  3. Set time limits for screen time:
    If kids were left to their own devices (ha), who among them wouldn’t be tapping on those screens under the sheets into the midnight hours? While you can set any timer at all, we suggest using a handy app timer to make sure they’re sticking to their allotted time.
  4. Make them earn screen time:
    Aside from using tech for schoolwork purposes, how about making extracurricular tech time a reward that they can earn in increments?
  5. Kid-proof your browsers:
    Now that you’ve protected the outside and have checked the settings, set your kids up with safe browsing options and parental controls for those times they’re poking around the Internet without you hovering over them.