With the news of Charlie Watts, drummer for legendary band The Rolling Stones, passing away at 80 years old, you may want to spend some time surrounded by all things Rolling Stones and rock music.  You can, at the "Gimme Shelter" Airbnb.

The Gimme Shelter is a rock lover’s dream!  Described as being "private & peaceful" this rock and roll cabin is located 10 minutes from any city giving you the option of keeping it peaceful, or tuning up the rock as loud as you want. Enjoy the vinyl records, cassette tapes, Bluetooth, acoustic guitar, piano, tambourine, as the cabin is made for rockers.

Some might think it's time for the Rolling Stones to retire, but you can keep that rock spirit alive and well as you and your guest escape to this cabin with a black light lit bedroom, rock instruments everywhere, firepit, tiki torches and more to really set the mood of a place that is meant to rock.

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With a 4.94 (out of 5) rating, recent reviews state that "This place was amazing! Every little detail was well thought out and truly showed what all this couple has done to make you feel right at home." Another top reviewer says "Great place for rock-n-roll lovers’ the theme is amazing! Loved the location and environment."

So where do you have to go to enjoy the Gimme Shelter, Royal Arkansas.  10 minutes away from Hot Springs Arkansas and 20 minutes away from a casino if you need to get out of the country for a day trip.  But as the host says "Our guests choose us for location to enjoy crystal digging, national forests, hiking, lake activities and to just get away from society and relax!"  Escape, relax...and rock that is.  Check out the pictures below and book your stay here.

Keep The Rolling Stones Memories Flowing In This "Gimme Shelter" Airbnb

After Charlie Watts, the legendary drummer of the Rolling Stones, passed away, you may be looking for more ways to remember the man and the music. Do it in this unique getaway appropriately called the "Gimme Shelter".

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