I think there's a solid chance this guy was listening to a country station when this happened, and just got confused. 33-year-old Chad England was speeding through northeast Tennessee last Saturday when he says Jesus asked to take the wheel.

He says Jesus spoke to him and told him to relinquish the driving duties. So he let go of the wheel and closed his eyes. Spoiler alert: It turned out he was on drugs.

His 2015 Toyota Tacoma immediately swerved off the road, flipped five times, and slammed into a rock wall.

It's possible someone was watching over him though, because he somehow survived the crash, got out of the truck, and took off running. He didn't get far and was still nearby when the cops arrived.

They found about a quarter-ounce of pot in his truck, a vial of cocaine, a bottle of booze that was almost empty, and several cans he'd used for huffing purposes.

He's facing DUI and drug charges. It turns out he let Jesus take the wheel in a few other aspects of his life too, he was also cited for driving without a license or registration.

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