Not every town in every state is going to be a winner and Wisconsin has it's share of "trashy" towns.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines being trashy as being indecent, or "of inferior quality". RoadSnacks looked at the top 10 "trashiest" towns in Wisconsin and some may (or may not) surprise you.

You're familiar with these towns in every state. Heck, you might even be from one. They're the towns that have like a dozen dollar stores, pajamas seem to be the required dress code, and it looks like there's a meth lab on every corner. Very much this vibe:


Illinois has it's share of trashy towns too, as does Iowa.

And How Did They Decide What Makes A Town "Trashy"?

Sometimes you can go to these towns and look around to figure out the general vibe. It doesn't take a genius. But RoadSnacks did data crunching from government numbers (mostly census data) to come up with this. Besides the number of white residents, they also looked at:

  • Cities that are poorer than average
  • Cities that have a lot of high school dropouts
  • High drug use
  • Higher than average Payday Loan Outlets
  • Number of aggravated assaults (used as the measure of violence)
  • Amount of residents on welfare

Besides the drugs, crime, and income measures, there were other factors that the study considered, like the number of dollar stores per capita.

Scroll down to see Wisconsin's top 10 "trashiest" towns and the numbers that got them there!

These Are The Top 10 "Trashiest" Cities In Wisconsin

RoadSnacks number crunched to determine the top 10 "trashiest" cities in Wisconsin!

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