There's another event to add to your calendar in 2024 and it won't disappoint. On the Iowa side of the Quad Cities at a place we all go at least once a year, you'll find bacon, booze, and live music come together for one event.

New in 2024 at the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds is going to be the Bacon, Bourbon, Brew & Wine Bash. What more could you want? Live music? There will be that but that doesn't roll off the tongue in with everything else.

Bacon, Bourbon, Brew & Wine Bash

Get ready for the first-ever Bacon, Bourbon, Brew & Wine Bash at the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds. This event which officials describe as 'exceptional' is going to be held in the Fair Center on Saturday, March 23rd, 2024.

Sample from local breweries and you'll be about to vote for your favorites to be sold at the 2024 Mississippi Valley Fair. For the bourbon and wine part, event-goers will be able to enjoy bourbon tastings from the renowned Bulleit brand and indulge in wine samples from various area wineries.

For you bacon lovers out there, you'll be about to savor bacon samples from local restaurants and food vendors all covered in your ticket price.

Speaking of those tickets, there are different levels of tickets you can buy. Those include:

  • VIP passes ($50): Exclusive VIP Happy Hour (12 pm-1 pm) + Commemorative Pint Glass and includes all sampling.
  • General Admission ($40): Access from 1 pm to 4:30 pm. Includes all sampling.

For those who aren't drinking but want to make sure their friends and family get home safe, there is a Designated Driver Pass ($20). Admission for this includes music, bacon samples, and a bottle.

This event is strictly for individuals over 21 years old. Get your tickets now at

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