Figuring out where to put your Wsconsin license plate sticker shouldn't be hard. Like using a roundabout, it should be easy. If it isn't for you, I'm going to need you to hand in your driver's license.

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We still see people make their license plates look like the front of a college mini-fridge, or their rear windshield. The Wisconsin Department of Transportation seems to not be able to get it into people's heads you can't be willy-nilly with your license plate sticker.

You can look it up and just like and find out quickly that it is against the law to put it wherever. Your license plate sticker that is.

Wisconsin, You Can't Put Your Sticker Wherever

Just like people in Iowa, folks in Wisconsin feel they can put their license plate stickers wherever too.

The State of Wisconin not only tells you on their website where to put your license plate stickers, but they also created a gray two boxes to help you even more.

Sticker placement on license plates

Here are the rules when putting your license plate stickers on a Wiscosin Standard License plate:

  1. Place the month registration sticker in the bottom, left corner of the rear license plate.
  2. Place the year registration sticker in the bottom, right corner of the rear license plate.
    1. Bonus: If you have an EV car, you put that in the top right corner on the rear license plate

Can I get in trouble for putting my Iowa license plate stickers somewhere else?

Yes, you definitely can. Especially if you're covering up parts of the letter and/or numbers on your plate or registration details.

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Wisconsin State Code and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation literally tell you where to put your sticker and where there are exceptions to the rules. Is a Wisconsin law enforcement officer going to pull you over? Probably not. Can they? Yep.

Don't make Wisconsin police a stickler, properly place your sticker.

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