The kickoff to summer is starting with a wildly tall waterslide.

Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial (lowkey official) start to summer. A record number of people will be traveling on roads and in the skies.

The Wisconsin Dells is a hotspot for a lot of us to visit during the summer. After all, it is "the Waterpark Capital of the World". There are so many parks to visit and slides to ride and a new one is opening up this weekend.

As NBC Chicago reports, Mt. Olympus Resorts & Parks is launching The Rise of Icarus waterslide, which is the tallest waterslide in North America, standing at 145 ft. tall (Hotel Blackhawk in Davenport is 140 ft. for reference). It was tested on Wednesday and passed so it's ready to be opened to the public.

The ride also has 4 body slides that stand at 60 ft. each. Kids have to be at least 4 ft. tall to ride it. As the ride's description put it:

As the Greek myth goes, Icarus soared too close to the sun on wings fastened to his body with wax, with the heat of the sun melting the wax and Icarus falling to the sea. Here at Mt. Olympus you’ll experience a much happier ending at the bottom of the slides!

The new slide is part of the $8 million expansion plan announced last summer.

The slide's 145 ft. height beats the previous recordholder, the Thrillagascar & Jungle Jammer at DreamWorks Waterpark in East Rutherford, New Jersey, which stood at 142 ft.

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