McDonald's is having a pretty good week. First they announced a new breakfast item called the Triple Breakfast Stack that will be on menus November 1. You can read about that here. Then today I saw an article from Business Insider that talked about the McRib coming back to 9,000 McDonald's locations. But is the McRib coming to the Quad Cities?

The other night I vaguely remember seeing a flyer that advertised the McRib in my McDonald's bag. I didn't pay it much attention though as I was busy unpacking nugs, burgers and fries for dinner ... and I was hungry.

So then I found a website dedicated to where McRibs are available. It's called It confirmed the McRib is available in Marion, but all the other locations were not confirmed to have the sandwich. I'm still amazed there's a website dedicated to finding the McRib. I know folks are serious about the sandwich, but still, to report a sighting. That's dedication.

So is the McRib back in the Quad Cities? Curiosity got the best of me so I started calling local McDonald's Restaurants. The employee that answered the phone at the Welcome Way store told me "yes, the McRib is back!" The person answering the phone at the Middle Road location told me they had it too and they also have a deal going on where if you buy one, you can get a second one for $1.

I called a few other stores too. Stores on Kimberly Road, North West Boulevard and Rock Island all told me they had it. At that point I decided I'd stop calling stores. Yes, the McRib is back in the Quad Cities. Enjoy it. Myself, I'll stick with a Big Mac and fries.




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