Talk about a bad hair day... You'd think if you had to ask for a refund, the last person to get upset with you would be a fellow customer. This wasn't the case for Adam Cripe.

Adam got his hair cut at En Salon in Escondido, California earlier this week. He wasn't happy with his new hairstyle, “It was so terrible, I went home and I shaved my head."

When he returned to the salon to ask for a refund another customer confronted him and became irate with Adam. “The lady who was getting her hair cut comes around the corner screaming at me. She gets up in my face and says you're uneducated, you're a tattooed piece of s***.”

That's when Adam began recording the incident:


According to Adam, neither of the two salon employees that were present attempted to intervene. The owner of En Salon has sided with him and offered him free haircuts for a year. "Adam was in the right, he shouldn't be treated that way at all."

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