Sarvinder Naberhaus tried snapping some photos while riding in a vintage biplane when her phone got blown away. Luckily her iPhone was stronger than her grip.

The plane ride was part of the American Barnstormers 2018 tour, Sarvinder and her friend, Donna Johnson, wanted to get a birds-eye-view of Ames. Sarvinder held her phone outside the windshield of the plane and, as one can expect, the wind caught it and pulled it from her hands.

For most people, that phone would be considered a goner. But Sarvinder wasn't going to let it go that easy.

At first she tried using the "Find My iPhone" app, but it wasn't helping. Just as she was about to give up hope and buy a new phone, Sarvinder tried the app again and it worked!

“Of course I prayed somebody would find it because we’re leaving for Dallas tomorrow so I wanted it before I left,” she told WHO-TV. “I was going out to buy myself a new phone, and I thought I’ll check one more time and there it was, located!”

After driving to the location that the app specified, she walked around calling the phone a few times. Eventually she found it laying face-up in the grass and undamaged.

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