An ambitious foodie named Jared Ness has gorged himself to success, and a year's worth of free burritos, after conquering the now-viral Pancheros Challenge.

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The Start Of The Challenge

Alex Gookin initiated the daring adventure by tweeting that it was feasible to order food from every Pancheros location in the state of Iowa, 26 in total, in a single day.

Pancheros Replies To The Tweet

Not only did Pancheros reply, encouraging any brave souls to give it a try, they added the incentive of free burritos for a year to the first person in Iowa who could accomplish the feat.

The tweet subsequently went viral, attracting thrill seekers and burrito lovers across the state. Amid the growing excitement, Pancheros had to issue a clarification. They tweeted, "Alright, this blew up! But... we're serious about the free burritos!!! See rules & regulations at"

As per the posted rules, photographic evidence was required at every location to prove that the feat was indeed accomplished.

Announcing A Winner

Finally, Jared Ness emerged as the triumphant victor. Having successfully documented his burrito quest across the state in under 24 hours, Pancheros tweeted an announcement to confirm his victory:

December 16th 9:52 AM Central: Jared Ness has successfully taken a photo at every Pancheros location in Iowa. Congratulations to Jared.

Jared's Day Trip Stats

Burritos may never taste the same for Jared Ness. But then again, when they're free for an entire year, that's a flavor one can quickly adapt to. It just goes to show, the love of a good challenge - and an equally good burrito - can take you places!

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