A police officer in Des Moines is calling this one of the worst cases of animal abuse he's seen in the last five years.

The Des Moines Police Department are searching for 25-year-old Christopher Vogel after he snapped the neck of a 3-month-old puppy. They say he was having an argument with the dog's owner at the time.

Vogel showed up to his neighbor's apartment last month and got into verbal altercation over the use of the neighbor's Wi-Fi. The argument escalated to Vogel threatening to snap the neck of the neighbor's corgi puppy.

Reports say that Vogel then took the pup into the hallway. The neighbor is disabled and unable to move quickly, he found the dog whimpering in the hallway with blood coming from its nose.

The puppy had to be put down and an examination confirmed there was spinal trauma.

Vogel faces multiple charges upon arrest and was nearly caught the week of the incident. He was spotted at the scene of the crime but was able to escape into some nearby woods.

Des Moines Police Department
Des Moines Police Department

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