Every time I try to go to the gym, I end up not being able to. I've typically just ate, feel a little sick, or I have that thing in 6 hours. I try my best, but it just never happens. There's a crazy guy in Cedar Rapids who is the opposite of me who hasn't missed a day in over 27 years.

65-year-old Mark Mueller decided on February 21, 1994 that he'd start hitting the gym regularly.

“I looked down and swore to myself that my gut would never stick out further than my chest, and I have never forgotten that,” Mueller told KCRG.

So, he vowed he'd work out and never miss a day.

“You can always find a reason not to workout, you need to be finding reasons to workout,” he told the news station. “So that’s just kind of how it got started. I also felt like days take themselves off, so you don’t need to take days off, because as it’s turned out, a day has never taken itself off.”

Mark has never taken a day off from gym life, and last week he surpassed 10,000 consecutive days of working out.

Even after all of this time, Mark wasn't going to let anything stand between him and his passion, even though it would've been easy to do.

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“I found out I had walking pneumonia, so I had to pretty much stay in the weight room and lift light for a couple of days,” he said. “The second one it was in 2016 when I had surgery on my knee, so I did a lot of light upper body stuff day after day, and a lot of core work. I had Covid in January. I did a lot of stationary bike and a lot of running on the treadmill, but still get my workouts in. You can always find a reason not to work out. The best part of discipline is self-discipline.”

Mark tracks all of his workouts in a journal, which is why he knew exactly how many days he's been in the weight room or on the treadmill.

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