If you tend to drive with a lead foot on the highway, you'll probably be happy about this news.

KCRG Cedar Rapids reports some Iowa lawmakers have proposed upping the speed on highways and interstates.

A new proposed bill would increase the current interstate speed limit from 70 to 75 miles per hour, and the multilane highway limit from 65 to 70. Other state roads would see an increase from 55 to 60.

One possible hesitation for lawmakers? The Des Moines Register reports that replacing signs throughout the state would cost around $2.3 million.

The House Transportation Subcommittee recommended that the bill be postponed for now, but that doesn't mean the idea is tabled forever.

Illinois' freeway speed limit is currently 70, after increasing from 65 just five years ago. Upping the limit in Iowa might be tricky for QC drivers who routinely travel between Iowa and Illinois on the highway to get used to.

To read the proposed bill, click here.

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