Every day, there are accidents on the highways no matter where you live. It's no surprise that in the last few weeks you've probably driven by an auto accident or two. Sometimes, it's like wait, how did that even happen? The Illinois State Police posted a photo of an accident yesterday where a truck pulling a trailer with a tractor on it mysteriously disconnected from the truck. Really that's not that out of the ordinary but when you look at the picture you'll notice that the tractor-trailer is almost completely vertical sticking out of the ground in the grassy area in the middle of the divided highway.

What's crazy is the tractor is still tied down to the trailer. How on earth did the tractor stay attached to it? When it comes to the guy originally driving the truck, I wouldn't let him attach my trailer to my truck, but he's probably one of the best in the world at securing the load. Never have I seen anything like this. I could just picture the guy saying " Hold my Beer and watch this."

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