Boston, MA – In an unusual discovery, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers at Boston Logan International Airport intercepted a traveler returning from Africa with four mummified monkeys in their luggage.

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How Were The Mummy Monkeys Found?

The startling find was made after a K-9 unit named Buddey, part of the CBP’s screening team, alerted its handler to a specific piece of luggage following a Delta flight arriving from Paris.

The passenger, whose identity has not been disclosed, initially claimed the bag contained dried fish. However, upon inspection, officers were shocked to uncover four dehydrated monkey bodies instead. The traveler was returning from a trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo, CBP reported.

What Is So Bad About Bringing Mummy Monkeys To The U.S.?

Officials warn that minimally processed meat from wild animals, known as bushmeat in some regions, including Africa, poses significant health risks. Bushmeat can be a vector for communicable diseases, making its entry into the U.S. illegal. The potential dangers posed by bringing bushmeat into the United States are real, stated CBP Boston Area Port Director Julio Caravia. He emphasized the risk of illnesses, including the Ebola virus, associated with such practices.

What Did They Do With The Mummy Monkeys?

Following the discovery, the CBP contacted the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), which has taken custody of the mummified primates. The CDC has regulatory authority over primate material due to the potential health hazards they pose. As part of the procedure, Delta Airlines was requested to either destroy the contaminated luggage or return it to France to mitigate any health risks.

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