...is a sentence I've never said before.  Until last week.

So, you may know, I've been going to Beattie Family Dental for my Invisalign treatment. It's a 44-week ordeal and I'm on week 14.  Each week I get a new set of aligners that help my jacked up smile get less "funhouse mirror".  As a 40-year-old dude, I didn't want metal braces.  Plus, the Invisalign can be removed so when I'm on the air or recording commercials, I can just pop them out and not sound like Sylvester J. Pussycat.


Each week I put in a new round. For some reason, I had a couple old pairs in my truck and a handful still in the bathroom ready to be thrown away.

Instead...I decided to hide them all around my sister's house.

We went there for my nephew Max's 15th birthday party. While everyone else was chatting and eating birthday cake, I was giggling like a school girl and hiding my teeth in the coffee filters, in the fabric softener, and in the laundry detergent. I hid them a bunch of other places too, but I can't say because she hasn't found them all.

I got a text saying she about crapped her pants when she reached her hand into the dryer sheets...

...and something about karma blah blah blah.

Anyway, here is an update on my teeth.  I'm 14 weeks in and they're really starting to show a difference.  Over a quarter of the way done.  I should be in Leading Man status come September thanks to Beattie Family Dental!


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