I've seen a few people share this article on Facebook and I hate to burst your bubble but, Hugh Jackman didn't really say all those nice things about Rock Island.

This is right in line with the "news stories" that we're coming out last year. Maybe you remember headlines like "Matthew McConaughey Gets Help Changing Tire in Davenport" or "Bill Murray Plans to Move to the Quad Cities."

Well those stories weren't true then and they're not true now. Almost every one of those stories linked back to a domain that was only months or weeks old, meaning the sites were just created days before the articles were written.

Less than a year later many of the domains are dormant or dead.

Now there's a new story that's being shelled out to not only Rock Island, but towns across the country. "CELEBRITY Had This to Say About TOWN Residents."

Sites with names like Daily News 10, Local 31 News, 16 WMPO, and News Daily 12 all feature a very similar look. And a closer look shows this disclaimer:

News Daily 12
News Daily 12

Sorry to rain on your parade Rock Island residents. While I know you're all great people, Hugh Jackman definitely did not get help with a mechanical issue.

If you're curious, here's the article about Jackman stopping in Rock Island.

And here's the article debunking all these hoax stories.

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