Reasons I'm outside:

  • Throwing the ball around with the kids
  • Having a beer on the deck
  • Mowing
  • Having a beer in the garage
  • Playing frisbee with the kids
  • Having a beer around the campfire

Reasons I quit those activities abruptly and prematurely:

  • Those damn gnats!  I can't stand those GDGnats!

Luckily I found a cure.  I ordered this soap off of Amazon, but I think they've started to carry it around here.  It works 100% of the time!  I hate using "OFF" due to the nasty chemical smell and the layer of grime on my skin.

With this stuff, I dab it like a fine perfume on the back of my neck and on my arms and VIOLA! Now!  Daddy can play ball...or watch you play ball while I drink a beer...not swatting at THOSE GOD DAMN GNATS!!


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