We've got about five weeks until Valentine's Day. According to one dating expert, that's still enough time to make someone fall in love with you. Or at least something approaching love.

Here are three tricks she says to try:

  1. Introduce them to your family. It ups the stakes, shows them you're serious, and makes them feel closer. If it all goes to plan, they'll suddenly feel like a much bigger part of your life than they thought they were.
    But it could also backfire and scare them off. Don't try it if you just started dating.
  2. Plan a bunch of fun stuff to do over the next month in the lead-up to Valentine's Day. It might seem like you're trying to buy their affection. The idea is by the time February 14th rolls around, they'll feel like every day with you is Valentine's Day.
    Plus the whole courting process tends to take a back seat this time of year, partly because we just want to stay in after the holidays, and partly because of all that holiday debt we racked up. If being with you helps them de-stress, that's even better.
  3. Start binge-watching a show together. It'll give you something to bond over. Just make sure it's something you'll both like. Depending on how many episodes there are, the expert claims it can actually be a real sign of commitment.

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