Every year since 1984, the people at PNC Wealth Management have figured out how much it would cost you to buy everything from "The Twelve Days of Christmas".


They can probably stop for a while because it seems like the markets on everything from golden rings to milking maidens have basically leveled off.

It would cost you $34,363.49 to buy everything from the song this year. Last year it was $34,130.99. That means it'd only run you $232.50 more, or 0.7%. And it's only up 2% since 2013, which is around what you'd expect with the current inflation rate.

Only three things increased in price from last year: Two turtle doves are up 29.3%, 11 pipers piping went up 2.8%, and 12 drummers drumming are also up 2.8%. A partridge in a pear tree went down 2.3%.

The most expensive thing on the list by far is the seven swans-a-swimming. They'll run you $13,125, or $1,875 per swan.

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