Sometimes you have a bad day at work, and other days, you have a really bad day at work. As a mechanic, your day has plenty of opportunities to go from bad to worse, whether it be a broken bolt that turns a 15 minute project into a 3 day project, scratched rims or paint on the side of a lift, or a delay for parts delivery.

A video shared from surveillance footage showed what is probably the worst day this mechanic has ever had.

With a Corvette Z06 on the lift, this guy was just wrenching away on this (probably) $80k+ car.

Being the caliber of car, we can go ahead and assume this isn't a quick change oil place, but a highly trusted shop. Judging by the amount of pieces off of the car, this was in for some pretty-penny upgrades, like headers, an updated cam, and maybe cat-back exhaust like most Z06 owners tend to do.

As Mr. Mechanic is wrenching away car slowly tips back and slides off the lift. As it slams down, the lift's arms ripped all of the panels off of the front of the car, and pulled the hood up.

I don't see any way this car isn't written up as totaled.

It's not clear what happened next, but the mechanic was able to get out of the way. I'd assume he probably wished he was under it when he walked back into the waiting room to tell the car's owner what just happened.

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