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HEAVY METAL NEWS ROUNDUP ~ Vol. 13, Issue 8 - March 1, 2019


Metal News


EVH 1978 Hi Tops

Eddie Van Halen Introduces 1978 High Tops Commemorating Van Halen’s Iconic Debut Album

The Eddie Van Halen store has released the 1978 High Top commemorative shoe, honoring the occasion of Eddie’s groundbreaking debut to the world stage with the release of the first Van Halen album, some 40 years ago. Adding to the growing collection of footwear offered by the EVH™ brand, the 1978 High Tops are a black and white classic high-top sneaker. The outer side features a live photo of Eddie Van Halen playing guitar on the first world tour, and the inner side of the shoe has 1978 prominently displayed in a circular badge. The Eddie Van Halen logo appears on both the tongue of the shoe and on the back sole, and the back panel features his signature white with black striped pattern.  You can pick up a pair of the 1978 High Tops and more EVH swag at: EddieVanHalenStore.com

Headbangers Say the Damnedest Things

“Getting your testicles cut open is like being in Mötley Crüe in 1987."

~ Nikki Sixx about having a child after a vasectomy

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Last Week's Third Dee-Gree

MOTORHEAD - "Overkill

DIO - "Stand Up And Shout

METALLICA - "Creeping Death"

Answer: All songs/bands with bass players that have died.  (Lemmy, Jimmy Bain, Cliff Burton)

Metal Videos O' The Week

Queensrÿche Release "Blood Of The Levant" Video



Request of the Week


"Love Has Taken Its Toll"

Dee, Saraya wasn't too popular, but Love Has Taken Its Toll shows the band could let loose a jammin' melody, quicker than a frong can bump is turd-chopper.  If they would have surfaced 'round three years earlier, or three years later, they would have been Chart Toppers, consistently.  Thanks, Dee, the show always ends too quick, but I soak up all that I can.

~ T-DUB, which is short for T.W., which is short for Tommy Watson in Fay Zawn, NC Listening on Rock 10 outta Fayetteville, NC

Metal Birthdays

Heavy n’ hairy birthday wishes this week to:

March 2:  Bon Jovi frontman Jon Bon Jovi (57)

March 2:  Former AC/DC bassist Mark Evans (63)

March 3:  Dave Amato, guitar (REO Speedwagon) (66)

March 3:  Terence “Snowy” White, guitar, vocals (Thin Lizzy, Pink Floyd, Roger Waters) (71)

March 4:  Jason Newsted, bass, vocals (Metallica, Flotsam and Jetsam) (56)

March 4:  Chris Squire, bass, vocals (Yes) (d. 2015)

R.I.P. March 3, 2012: The world of music lost a legend with the passing of guitar great Ronnie Montrose, who took his own life. He was 64.

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