Our show has a long history of supporting different causes. Especially if it involves someone traveling across the country in a non-traditional way. Insert Iraq War Veteran, Colt Romberger.

Colt's passion came after his father, Cliff Romberger, passed away due to complications from a brain disease that was caused by exposure to Agent Orange.

Colt is set to take off from Santa Monica, CA this morning with his horse Gus and his journey will come to completion when he gets to the Vietnam Memorial in Washington D.C. He's expecting to be able to get in about 10 miles a day, so that would put him in D.C. sometime in October which also happens to be Agent Orange Awareness Month.

He's started a GoFundMe and asking for help.

How will your support be used?

My family and I know better than most the devastating toll Agent Orange related diseases can take on veterans and their families. For many of these vets, their health lies in ruin, yet, they receive no recognition for their chemically induced wounds brought on from service during the war.

That is why it’s my goal to start a non-profit dedicated to helping these ailing veterans on a personal level, as a way to recognize their sacrifice and say thank you for their service. Be it a weekend getaway with family, a new mattress to relieve pain, or tickets to see their favorite football team, I want them to know their countrymen care and more importantly finally get the recognition they deserve.

But first, the ride. Most Americans never heard of Agent Orange let alone the diseases brought on by it. The ride serves as a way to launch this topic into the public sphere so we can address these effects, not only for Vietnam Veterans, but for those who will suffer from future toxic exposures.

In addition, I’ve teamed up with a film production crew who will document my six month journey from coast to coast. Bayou Productions will help me produce a documentary not only about my experiences along the way but most importantly to interview Agent Orange effected veterans to shed light on the challenges they faced then and the challenges they face now.

It’s important for you, the donor, to know that my goal in producing this film is to allow veterans a platform to shed as much light on this topic as possible.  Any proceeds made from this film will be used to fund the non-profit I start, so essentially the stories these veterans so graciously share will go toward helping their fellow brothers. Your donations will also go toward expenses for Teddy and other logistical support.

$30k is a lofty goal. But, together, I know it’s a goal we’ll achieve. Because it’s time this silent issue gets the attention it deserves and we show our ailing vets how much we recognize their sacrifice.

Follow Colt's progress, read his journal, check out his pictures at Expedition Orange. Help support Colt by donting to his GoFundMe here.

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