In a bizarre incident at a Hilton hotel in Nashville, a guest woke up to an unexpected surprise. The night manager, David Neal, was found sucking on the guest's toes early in the morning.

Must Be A Fetish


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The incident occurred on March 30th, but the news has only come to light recently.

According to the Metro Nashville Police Department, Neal had entered the guest's room with a key card at around 5 am. The guest from Texas, named Peter Brennan, told police he woke up to find Neal sucking his toes. Brennan said he confronted Neal as he recognized he was the night manager who had entered his room the previous day to fix his TV.

"I could see he was wearing a uniform, he had his name tag on. He was talking to me but not giving me any substantive answers," said the Texas resident who was visiting Nashville for a conference, per Nashville's News Channel 5.

David Neal
David Neal - Nashville Police

What Was His Excuse?

Neal was arrested and charged with aggravated burglary and assault. He later told the police that he had entered the room because he smelled smoke. However, the authorities noted that Neal had not told security about the apparent smell of smoke, and there were no other complaints about a smoke smell.

Neal was arrested on Friday at his home in Lebanon and is jailed on a $27,000 bond, according to WKRN.

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Brennan said he had been traumatized by the bizarre episode. "I'm having problems sleeping frankly, I'm going through some PTSD, talking to a therapist," he said, reported Nashville's News Channel 5. "I still don't really feel safe in my own home."

What Hilton Has To Say

According to Michelle Myers, a representative for Hilton Corporation, the Hilton Nashville Downtown hotel is owned and managed by a separate third party and not directly by Hilton. However, ensuring the safety and protection of guests remains a paramount concern for Hilton.

4th Avenue South Hilton Hotel , Nashville Tennessee
4th Avenue South Hilton Hotel, Nashville Tennessee

Meanwhile, the hotel manager issued a statement assuring the public that both guests and staff members' safety is their top priority, and they are collaborating with local law enforcement authorities. Moreover, as a standard practice, the hotel management refrains from giving comments on active investigations.

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