Today Adam LaRoche retired from the White Sox because they told him to limit, not eliminate, but limit the amount of time his son spends with the team at training camp this Spring.  Well Adam, if it was that easy to walk away, why didn't you just retire over the winter instead of dragging your teammates and the organization through the mud like you have over this issue?

Thanks Adam, for teaching your son that it's OK to just quit when you don't get your way.  And what if each guy on the team decided that THEY wanted to bring their sons ..  or daughters .. or mothers or dads to training camp, too?  If they allow you this latitude, what then?  When it comes to "too much" where does the line get drawn?  And who gets to draw it?  Oh, and it's NOT O.K. to act like a prima donna or a spoiled athlete and then hide behind the quote "Family First".   I don't know whom I feel worse for, but I think it's the White Sox.  This is a ridiculous circus and THEY didn't deserve it.  I just hope he doesn't crawl back in a couple weeks saying he's sorry for the misunderstanding.  I say "See 'Ya" Adam, and good riddance!

credit: Getty Images