If you're a real sociopath, you've been planning your April Fools' Day prank for months. But if you're a normal person like the rest of us, you're like, "Wait it's April 1st already? What am I gonna do?"

Here are the eight most common pranks people pull on April Fools' Day, according to a new survey. You can either use these to plan your last-minute prank, or to know what you should watch out for . . .

  1. Mind game pranks, like rearranging someone's furniture and pretending nothing looks out of the ordinary.
  2. Scare tactics, like putting a fake spider on a person's chair.
  3. Lying pranks, like telling your significant other you're pregnant.
  4. A prank phone call.
  5. A food-related prank, like toothpaste in an Oreo.
  6. A "make things inaccessible" prank, like putting a stapler in Jell-O.
  7. An elaborate prank that you film for YouTube.
  8. A "toilet humor" prank, like cellophane on a toilet seat or putting fake poop in someone's coffee.

Read more at National Today.

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