It's perfectly legitimate that there be a holiday devoted to showing your spouse you appreciate all the things they do for the family and the home.  But 2 weeks before Valentines Day ??   Wouldn't this be better timed say ... 4 or 5 months from now?   We have Valentines Day in February and Sweetest Day in October, why not have Spouses Day in June?  You could argue that it shouldn't make a difference, and you'd be at least partially right.  But why take away any of the significance or thrill of the coveted Valentines Day by placing it so close?  Nonetheless, be sure to make them BOTH special days this year.

By the way, there is an "Ex-Spouses" day too, believe it or not!  The date of this "going too far" holiday is April 14th.  Really?  So the fact that the next day is the IRS Tax Deadline wasn't painful enough?