We never had a Memorial Day tradition when we were kids, but I'm really glad we have one now for my kids' sake.  We go to a cemetery where my grandfather who served in WWII is buried, along with a few other family members.  They do a very nice, quick, meaningful service to honor those we've lost.  There's a pretty big crowd that gathers...I mean, big for a super small town anyway.  Maybe it seems big now, because I remember a couple years where it was just immediate family and some guys from the local VFW holding a flag and a cassette player with a recording of tap playing through it.

It didn't need to be big.

It didn't need to be perfect.

It just needed to be done.

We all need a moment to remember those that served and are no longer with us.  I hope you have a great Memorial Day.

The boys put together a nice video you may like to watch...