Neighbors are not happy with a McCandless, Pennsylvania family after they featured bloody baby dolls in their Halloween yard display.

"Won't be sending the kids to that house but we're good otherwise,” a passerby told WPXI.

At the edge of the property, near the road, is a graveyard with severed and bloody dolls next to signs that read "born to die" and "no baby no cry."

The McCandless council president posted on Facebook saying they have received complaints about the display, but the display is protected under the First Amendment.

WPXI tried to contact the husband, who said he had no comment.

However, his wife reached out and explained that the display isn't just for fun. She said it represents a philosophy she talks about on YouTube "anti-natalism," which believes in voluntary human extinction to protect humans from the suffering that is life.

Reporters asked her about the complaints saying their display was disturbing, to which she responded "existence is disturbing."

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