Last year, in the spirit of Lent, one man drank only beer for the 46 day observation, even giving up food. He lost 44 pounds. He's going for it again, but with an added incentive.

Del Hall, from Cincinnati, OH, lost 44 pounds in 46 days on a beer-only diet. This year he's not only going to top his personal record, but a world record.

He's contacted Guinness Book of World Records to try and solidify the claim that he only ingested beer for longer than anyone ever has, and is waiting for their response.

Del is an Army Veteran and is currently working as the Sales Director of Fifty West Brewing Co, so one could imagine where he's getting his beer from.

Last year, he not only lost weight, but saw improvement of his blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol.

Luckily for Del, Fifty West is releasing a new beer packed full of electrolytes, assumingly tailored and brewed just for him.

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