No doubt you have you heard the phrase "failing to plan means you're planning to fail?"  It's also possible you heard that and blew it off and proceeded to "wing it" anyway.

Me?  I am a planner. If I'm interviewing a rock star or even a business owner from the Quad Cities...I want to make sure I know what I'm doing. I'll do the research so I'm familiar and can direct the conversation where I need it to go.

I also am an overthinker so it makes me crazy when we need to be somewhere and the kids won't put their shoes on.  They don't know that I've figured out exactly how long it takes to get there and have back timed it in order to be on time exactly.

So, this fella in Manitoba, Canada stole a cash register last week.  He apparently didn't think things through because he immediately got chased by the cops.  I guess walking out of a store with a cash register does throw up some red flags.  He couldn't put it up his shirt or in a duffle bag because it's too big so they saw him and got after him.

Part two of "not thinking things through" is his escape into the river.  He jumped into a river. In Canada.  In November.  Dude was in the river for almost a half hour before he let the paramedics rescue him.

Part three of the poor planning criminal was that the cash register he stole was completely empty.

He may not have planned to fail...but since he failed to plan there was no other way for this to go for him.

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