Some guy was riding a ski lift at a resort in Colorado Wednesday morning, when he tried to get off at the top his backpack got snagged. He ended up dangling in mid-air by his neck and he couldn't breathe so he passed out.

The skier's name hasn't been released, but it happened at Arapahoe Basin, about 70 miles west of Denver. Luckily one of the people who saw it was a 28-year-old Mickey Wilson, who happens to be a professional slackliner.

Once he realized no one could get to the guy, he climbed a lift tower, shimmied 30 feet down the ski lift cable and dropped down onto the guy's chair. He says the whole thing took about four or five minutes.

He still couldn't get him loose though. So someone on the ground tossed him a knife which he used to cut a strap on the guy's backpack and it saved his life.

The guy fell about 15 feet, but paramedics got him to a hospital and he's okay. Mickey talked to him later that night on FaceTime and says he had a neck brace on. But other than that, he seemed fine.

Read more at The Denver Post.

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