An Argentinian train passenger had to have some train officials come to his rescue when he woke up from a nap with his head stuck inside of an armrest.

The commuter hasn't been named by local media, understandably panicked when he woke up and wasn't able to move.

Of course, no public transit incident would be complete without some sort of Twitter or other social media post documenting it.

Video of the passenger's face sticking out of the loop of an armrest, looking disappointed and embarrassed.

In the clip, the poor bearded guy's head was sticking out of the aisle as other travelers sat, waiting for the train to start moving again.

The man was laying across two seats, fell asleep, and at some point, slipped his head through the tight armrest.

“I need to understand how this guy ended up like that, I’m stunned,” one comment read.

“Can you imagine arriving at work and being asked why you are late only to have to give that answer?” another asked. “Your boss’ face would be like ‘Are you screwing with me or what?’”

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