Today back in '68, not to be out-done by The Beatles' "Yellow Submarine" film ...  The Rolling Stones began filming their "Rock & Roll Circus" which in spite of an impressive list of contributing performers, ended up being kind of "ho-hum".  Eric Clapton, The Who, Jethro Tull, John Lennon and Yoko, and others couldn't make up for a less-than-dynamic performance by The Stones.  (but for the record ... The Who almost "saved the show")   The Stones claimed they were exhausted and sleepy .... I think they were just  too stoned.  It was supposed to be released to the BBC and then abroad, but the Stones held it back 'cause they weren't real happy with it .... good call.   But finally abut 30 years later, they released it on VHS, etc. - and it's available on DVD today ... get a copy and give it a try sometime .. see if you can stay awake.