When Bob walked out of his house in northern Michigan to grab firewood on New Year's Eve, he slipped and fell on ice, and broke his neck. Bob's full name hasn't been released.


He was all alone and couldn't move his legs, all he could do was yell for help. His closest neighbor lives about a quarter mile away. And he was only in his pajamas, so he thought he was going to freeze to death.

Luckily his dog was with him though, a golden retriever named Kelsey. She laid down on top of him to keep him warm, and it ended up saving his life.

Bob was there for about 20 hours, and it got down to about 20 degrees overnight. But one of his neighbors finally came to check on him after the dog wouldn't stop barking.

He had hypothermia when he showed up at the hospital, but he survived. And here's the best part, it turns out he's not actually paralyzed.

Apparently he did break his neck, but also had two herniated discs that were pushing on his spinal cord. That's why he couldn't move his legs. He's already had surgery to repair it, and needs a bunch of physical therapy. But he should recover.

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