Listeners to the show will probably remember how big of a Guns n' Roses GEEK I am.  There's a lot of GNR hate these days...but as a 13 year old kid these guys were dangerous.  The booze, cigarettes, and swearing is probably what got me into them...but it was the thoughtful lyrics and blues-rock guitar riffs that made me stay.

Use Your Illusions get a lot of crap.  Probably because both albums are filled with so many different styles and sounds it feels schizophrenic.  But the ability to mix so many influences from Sex Pistols to Queen and make a new thing, to me, is brilliant.

So, yeah...I'll be geeking out on Sunday night.

Sunday's show includes BOC, Nazareth, The Scorpions and your headliner, Guns n' Roses all Live In Concert!

97X proudly presents "Live In Concert". Tune in every Sunday night for 2 hours of classic concerts from the biggest names in rock It's Live In Concert, Sunday nights at 8pm, on Your Classic Rock Authority, 97X.

Your headliner for Live in Concert on 97X is Guns ’n Roses on their “Use Your Illusion" tour at Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan, February 22, 1992

On the next Live in Concert, we’re going back to a massive Guns ’n Roses tour their 1992 "Use Your Illusion” albums. We'll listen to a legendary performance captured live at the Tokyo Dome in Tokyo, Japan, on February 22nd, 1992. Don't miss this classic Guns 'N Roses performance! They're headlining the next Live in Concert!


  • Plus don't miss live performances from Blue Öyster Cult at New Haven Coliseum, New Haven, CT, September 20, 1981
  • Also a great set from Nazareth at Camden Place, London, England, May 24, 1985
  • And don't miss The Scorpions at Convento Do Beato, Lisbon, Portugal, February 10, 2001

Live in Concert is on every Sunday at 8 o'clock. The perfect way to wrap up your weekend and prepare for the week ahead. By cracking another couple Sunday beers...which are some of my favorite beers of the weekend. To tune into 97X either on the radio at 96.9 fm or on our mobile app on your phone.

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