So, like everyone...I took a look outside this morning and said, "Oh, it snowed!"  Luckily there wasn't a ton of the white stuff on the ground.  I didn't have to shovel so that made me happy.

I talked with Glenn Cole yesterday to discuss "What's Tappening" regarding new beers around the Quad Cities and was getting ready to post our discussion.  I realized I hadn't posted a lot this week.  In fact I only posted two pictures between now and the last time Glenn & I talked.  On Facebook no one would notice...but on Instagram that whole "grid" thing makes it obvious when you've been slacking on the social posts.

So, in an effort to look like I'm documenting my world I decided to take a picture of some snow outside.  Nothing was particularly picturesque per say.  Much of it had melted into mud puddles and I didn't really want to go out and get my shoes wet in order to grab a picture of a barn or something.

So...a grill just outside my door became my focus.  Slowly I came down the wet steps and carefully got the quickest shot of the grill I could before the dogs got out of the open door.

Obviously, I put a LOT of work into this post.

"'Snow on the Grill' could be a country song", I said.  And my friend Evan Atherton (who previously wrote an intro song for me) decided to pick up a guitar and actually write a song!

Listen to this below and then listen to his band Mirabilia because Evan is awesome and talented as hell!


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