It's April 26th, AKA National Pretzel Day, so be sure you pay attention to who is offering free pretzels.

Surprisingly, pretzels got their start in 7th Century A.D. when monks used them to teach children about prayer. The idea was that they looked like folded arms, the traditional posture for prayer at the time.

Not only were they a teaching tool, they were the perfect food during Lent since they were only made of water, flour, and salt.

Today, they're iconic of love in many countries because of their heart shape. Pretzels are also iconic to sporting events, and especially iconic to shopping malls.

Free Pretzels

The West End Wooden Nickel, on 3rd Street in Davenport, is offering free pretzels today until they close at 10pm.

Auntie Anne's is offering a similar deal, if you download their 'Pretzel Perks' app.

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