Someone talked to 100 linguists, and came up with a list of the top foreign language terms we think people use all the time in other countries.


If you go there and use them, you'll just sound like a big dumb American. Here are the top five:

  • "Bon appétit" – It literally means "good digestion" in French. Young people don't really use it anymore. If anything, they shorten it to "bon app" and it can even be considered rude if you say it at a nice restaurant.
  • "Mamma mia!" – We think Italian people shout it when they're excited. It's an old term that most people don't use anymore, especially young people.
  • "Garçon" – A lot of people think it means "waiter" in French. But it actually means "boy." So if you use it to get your waiter's attention, they might think you're a jerk.
  • The German term, "wie geht's" – It literally means, "how goes it." Asking that in Germany isn't like asking it here. In the U.S., "how's it going" is another way of saying hello, in Germany they might actually go into detail about how they've been and what's going on in their life.
  • The Spanish term, "hasta la vista" – Ever since "Terminator 2", people think it sounds threatening. It's really just a way of telling someone you hope you see them soon. So that one's actually okay to use, just don't say "baby" at the end.

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