If you think breaking up with someone using a text message is impersonal, this takes that to the next level. Now you can hire a company to dump someone for you with a text message.

The Breakup Shop

The Breakup Shop is offering to break up with someone for you, and it'll cost less than $40. They have several options. The cheapest is a breakup text for $10, the most expensive are a phone call or a personalized letter, both of which cost right around $30 or $40 if put a 2-hour rush on it.

You can also pay to add on a gift to help the person get over you. They offer things like Netflix gift cards, "The Notebook" on Blu-Ray, and cookies.

If you're not looking to end your relationship, but think you're pretty good at dumping people, they're also hiring. You can be a freelancer who writes breakup texts, emails, and letters. There's no word on how much they'll pay.

You can check out the service at BreakupShop.com.