A person in Florida believed to be a man attempted to rob a bank wearing a black hoodie, black pants, and a Sonic the Hedgehog Mask. Really, it makes sense, with how much

On February 2nd, officers of DeLand were dispatched to the Florida Credit Union in response to an armed robbery in progress, DeLand Police Department reports.

According to the report, the suspect was armed with a hammer. The alledged man entered the bank and confronted a bank employee, demanding money. While saying to get the cash, the suspect struck the teller’s window with the hammer as he continued with his demands, according to a witness on the scene.

After being confronted by another Florida Credit Union employee, the suspect stopped slamming the window with his hammer and fled the scene on foot.


"Everybody is safe, nothing was taken, and local police are on it," bank executive Brian Leatherman told West Volusia Beacon.

An arrest has not yet been made and the incident is currently under investigation. If you have any information leading to the identification of this suspect, please contact Det. Tom Gillan with the DeLand Police Department 386-626-7429. — DeLand Police Department, via Crimewatch.

Sonic The Hedgehog is a fictional video game character created to be a bonafide superhero. Sonic is known for his blue quills and his supersonic speed. This hedgehog can outrun anything.

This robber must have channeled his inner Sonic when he made his uncatchable escape because he still hasn't been caught.

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