Do you ever look at your next stop a few blocks away, not really worth taking the car, but just out of the range of being "walkable?" Some companies think the solution is E-Scooters, or E-Bikes, but those; for one cost money, and two, they aren't always around. Brian Kahrs found a solution, and it's something cheap that fits in your car.


Listen to our full interview with Brian below.


Brian threw the water of a mop bucket mounted to a skateboard, and took off down the sidewalk by sitting in the bucket, and blowing a leaf blower into an umbrella.

He calls it the "blue collar limousine," and it's a perfect design. It doesn't need a bell, because people will hear the leaf blower coming down the sidewalk. People in the video do double takes, and start to laugh when they see the contraption.

This isn't Brian's first time in the spotlight. Last year, he turned a briefcase into a hoverboard, because why should a business man have to walk?

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